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Complete Skates

Riedell Monster

Size (U.S. Men's)
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The MONSTER Package (595) by Riedell includes:

Although break in can be rough with these boots, it's often worth the time. The all leather 595 boot has counters in the arches and outside quarters of the right boot adding support, protection, and less deviation from the boots original fit with time. It has a lace to toe design, low wedge heel, and thick, spongy padded tongue with a lace slit in the upper portion to keep it in place. When utilized, the lace tethers give you more support around the ankle and help keep the heel snugly seated. Lacing loosely while they are new can help to reduce the incidence of blisters and cutting off the circulation to your foot, causing it to go numb. The 595 generally fits a slim profile foot very well with the exception of the heel area, which tends to be a little roomy for most narrow to medium foot types.

The Powerdyne Reactor plate is CNC machined from lightweight extruded aluminum and features click action adjustment, metal ball pivot, and oval shaped mounting holes to get precise placement on the boot. The ball pivot works like a ball and socket joint; the cup provides a direct point of contact from the ball to one common center and enables it to move with precision in as full a range of motion as the king pin angle allows. This means way more controlled movements that come with ease at the slightest shift of your body weight with no hesitation. Click action adjustment allows the skater to "dial" in exact adjustments to the bushing compression. The numbered marks of the adjustment nut on the Reactor allow for the same adjustment on all trucks, if that is desired. It is a much more controlled and precise method of loosening or tightening your trucks.

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