Go Custom. Seriously.

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Its the end of the season; now what? Those tired feet need a rest. Time to put 'em up and get your holiday season kicked off properly…by fantasizing about the skates of your dreams! Maybe with a hot toddy in hand and a yule log burning on the TV…..

Creating your dream boots doesn't simply mean expressing your inner gear head or skate architect with style; they can provide a more precise fit, which will improve your skating experience and overall foot health. From choosing unique colors and hand cut designs to adorn them with, to having two different sizes or widths for your special-needs feet--custom and special make up boots can be just about anything your 'lil tootsies desire.

With regard to Riedell boots, getting a "special make up" covers having alterations like length, width, color choice and having accessory options--snug ties, or velcro cinch straps for instance--added to a particular stock model of Riedell boot.

The alternative is to go "custom."  By going custom, you can have a unique last hand built to your individual foot specifications and can have unlimited changes made to an existing boot or combination of boots. At Riedell, full custom boot information is kept on file for 10 years, making duplication easy. Pretty sweet!

Riedell, Antik and Bont all offer various ways to alter their stock boots to meet your requirements and we've created this handy break down to help you better understand all of your options. We know how overwhelming this can all be so we decided to do the work for you.

Keep in mind that Riedell and Antik customs and special make ups take approximately 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer depending on factory workload. And with the annual factory closure for the holidays approaching, you'll need to be sure to submit your orders by Sunday, Nov 25th to ensure they are completed by Christmas*.

Bonts take 6 weeks.

It is important to note that all Custom and Special Make-up boots and/or skates are NON-RETURNABLE.

That said, we are very hands-on throughout the ordering process and we take special care to ensure that you are properly fitted and that you are aware of all of your options so you are able to make informed decisions.

*Please note: a boot may be completed "on time" but that does not mean they will be delivered by Christmas. The final day for shipping before Christmas at Riedell is Friday, Dec 21st and most destinations take up to 5 business days to deliver. So basically, the sooner you submit the order, the better.

Check out the Colorlab site to see what your Riedell color options are, the GRN MNSTR Antik Color Form to see your Antik color options and the Bont quad site for all Bont color and accessory options.

Read on for brand specific pricing and options...

FOR RIEDELL BOOTS: the below pricing is in addition to stock boot price

  1. A single change (excluding color) to an existing stock boot is $55. This includes adding, removing or substituting a part of the boot ie; overlay/lace cover, speed strap, heel, tongue, and changing the width or length including different ones for each foot.
  2. Any color changes to a stock boot can be unlimited and costs $85. Choose to add any colors to any parts of your boots outlined in Colorlab. You can request samples of up to 3 colors from us, just email.
  3. Up to 3 changes (excluding color) to a stock boot is $85. This includes adding, removing or substituting a part of the boot ie; overlay/lace cover, speed strap, heel, tongue, animal friendly material, and changing the width or length including different ones for each foot.
  4. Unlimited color changes and up to 2 changes to a stock boot is $110.
  5. For all special make up and custom boots, you can request Velcro color, lace eyelet color and stitching color from the available options at no extra charge.

Full custom boots are a flat amount of $599. This is ideal for anyone wanting more changes than are outlined above and/or when one is requesting boots be made from tracings of the feet or plaster casts and detailed information is provided to assist in fulfilling the custom order.


Riedell offers a ton of colors including shiny metallic laminates, texturized “croc’ leather and animal print options. Refer to the Colorlab site to see what is available for your dream boots. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, just email us. When placing orders for special make ups, sending your Colorlab options to us as well ensures we will order exactly what you want.

  • Please be aware that some of the colors are restricted to accent pieces only due to the nature of the leather it is composed of. Also, some colors are softer and more textured leather than others. Softer leathers include yellow, orange, grey and light blue.


Any Riedell boots can be ordered in one of the following widths:

  • Delta –  (B/AA) narrow B width in the ball and AA in the heel
  • Gamma – (D/B) medium D width in the ball and B in the heel/li>
  • Beta – (395D) D width in the ball and D width in the heel, can be made narrow or wide
  • Alpha – (248D)  D width in the ball and D width in the heel, can be made narrow or wide
  • Wide – (EE)  EE width in the ball and D width in the heel
  • Custom – have a last built out just for your foot


Below are Riedell’s tongue options. You can substitute one tongue for another or get a stock tongue covered with a lining on a special make up boot.

  • 1/8" dense sponge (like 125)
  • 3/16" dense sponge (like 265)
  • 1/4" dense sponge (like 695)
  • 1/2” uncompressed foam (like Antik AR-1)
  • ambrelle over padding (like 395)
  • microfiber over sponge (like 965)
  • shearling (sheepskin)
  • leece (synthetic version of sheepskin)

Heel Stabilizer

Most boots have some sort of feature to assist in keeping your heel tucked tightly into the heel pocket to prevent slipping, lifting or otherwise shifting around. The following are options offered by Riedell:

  • Velcro cinch strap (like 265)
  • Ankle snug ties (like 595)
  • Ankle closure system (like 495)
  • Heel lock system (like 1065)

Heel Heights

Stock heel heights from Riedell are either stacked (3/8 to ½ inch), wedge or flat. Full custom orders for speed/derby boots can go as high as 1 inch. Soles are available in black rubber or natural leather.

Other Options

  • Add heat moldable counters
  • Get two different sizes or widths
  • Add stripes
  • Add padding
  • Change lining material
  • Get them in animal friendly Clarino material in black or white

Other Options, Full Custom

  • Add a padded or rolled collar
  • Get a simple custom shape cut out of leather and sewn on
  • Hybridize multiple boot models’ and features

Velcro colors

  • black
  • white

Lace eyelets

  • black
  • white
  • antique bronze


  • black
  • white
  • beige

FOR ANTIK BOOTS: the below pricing is added to stock boot price

Unlimited color and some boot changes for $90 – Choose from a variety of colors including shiny metallic to make your Antiks unique. You can even make your left and right boots different from one another. Check out Antik’s color option form here.

Areas to add color include:

  • Uppers
  • Tongue
  • Back stay
  • A panel
  • A logo

Other Changes

  • Width and length
  • Tongue

FOR BONT BOOTS: the below pricing is added to stock boot price

Semi Custom is $30 – This covers using a foot tracing as a guide to create a boot using stock Bont lasts for your unique foot shape. This also includes color changes and some boot changes including added zig zag strap or ankle snug ties. Expected wait time is 4-6 weeks on these.

Color options for Derby Hybrid leather and carbon:

NEW! Durolite:

  • Leather: Black, White, Blue, Red
  • Shiny Microfiber: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Light Blue, White, Black
  • Matte Microfiber: Pink

Full Custom boots can be made from casts or lasers scans, please email for pricing and details.