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What Does Your Foot Clan Say About You?

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2015 by Marci Daniels

Not much really, except what foot shape you have.  Which affects how skates will fit you.  Which affects whether you will go on to be the next derby household name STOOPID-star.  Or if, instead of THAT you will grow an extra branch from one of your toes.

We've all been there at some point or another, when you’re frustrated and in pain and falling out partway through practice because your toes are smashed into your skates, or because your feet have fallen asleep due to the tight lacing needed to keep you from slipping around in your own blister juices.

All of the above is what comes from skating in ill-fitting boots.  Boots can be too big, too small, or just the wrong shape or width for your feet, and with any of these situations you reduce your ability to perform at your highest level and face an increased risk of injury.


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Do You Know How to Safety Check Your Skates?

Posted on Monday, February 02, 2015 by Marci Daniels
Here at Cruz, it is known that most skaters are apt to happily roll along on their sweet new skates until one day --- SCREECH! Some dang little whats-its-nut comes undone or the whooodizzle is locked in place and won't loosen. 

Aren't these skates supposed to function perfectly for our entire lives??

Whelp folks, the answer is: NOPE! Not if you don't do your part and give them a little safety check now and then. 

Ya see, skates are like a car; if you don't service them, something is bound to wear out. It may still keep running, but when it comes time to repair the damage, the damage may no longer be repairable or it may end up costing your first born to fix.

By not checking moving parts or making adjustments to ensure things are rolling smoothly, the skates can begin to damage themselves over time. Roller skates are relatively simple in their design and an occasional safety check will only take you 5 minutes. 

Here are some pro tips for inspecting your skates on a semi-regular basis so you ensure these puppies' and their moving parts stay nice and functional:  

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